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Pancakes are great. When I was little I always looked forward to Shrove Tuesday because it was pancake day! Dinner consisted of as many pancakes as you could possibly eat, accompanied by a variety of fillings. The most popular, and an all-time classic was sugar and lemon juice. Simple and delicious; hard to beat. Other household favourites were bolognese sauce; maple syrup; and – I think it deserves a mention, although I realise that this will cause severe discontent among some – Marmite. “Crazy talk!” I hear you say, but if you (like me) are not a hater but a lover, put some Marmite on your pancake along with some butter, it’s fantastic.

IMG_1423 copy

The final addition to my list of classic and favourite fillings is a relatively new one for me. My friend Richard, a fellow pancake obsessive, is an advocate for butter and sugar being the all-time best pancake filler. I was surprised that I had never before thought of this combination, they are two ingredients that almost everyone is bound to have in their house, and it’s a winner. So if you make pancakes you must try it. Make sure you use plenty of butter; fry the pancake in butter and put more butter on after flipping and before adding plenty of granulated sugar. Sweet buttery goodness. Lovely.

Today I decided to have a break from tradition and try some new fillings. I found in my fridge some smoked salmon, crème fraîche and spinach… I waved my magic wand and very soon I had two delicious pancake fillings ready to be married in tasty happiness to some beautiful crêpes.

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